Sunday, November 11, 2007

Affordable Tour Guides for Orlando parks and area attractions ?

Yes, it is possible but you have to be cautious.I read about how some tour operators offered the most incredible offers and inexpensive tours but they turned out to be fronts for timeshare tours. That has always disturbed me as this has been happening since we first visited here in the late 1980's.All that is changed is their is more of it going on .

A friend and I decided to build on building on our years of travel related experiences and create Can-Am VIP Orlando, Florida Tour Guide Service
We just launched our first home page:
Our rates start at $40 per hour but we guarantee you money and time saving tips that will make anyones vacation that much for fun.Our target clients are those with little time to research Orlando.The type of client that wants their vacation well planned out right down to what they visit and where they eat.We are also designing custom tours to show that there is a whole lot of life and family fun beyond Walt Disney World.