Affordable Tour Guides for guests visiting Orlando many parks and area attractions ?

Can-Am VIP Orlando Tour Guide Services
Allan N. Oakley
Kissimmee, Florida

Is it possible to visit Orlando ,Florida and not  need a second  vacation to relax afterwards?

Yes, it is possible but you have to be cautious.I read about how some tour operators offered the most incredible offers and inexpensive tours but they turned out to be fronts for timeshare tours. That has always disturbed me as this has been happening since we first visited here in the late 1980's.All that is changed is their is more of it going on today.

A friend and I decided to build on our years of travel related experiences and created Can-Am VIP Orlando, Florida Tour Guide Services

One on one tour  guides services that can save you time and loads of  money trying to figure it all out.
We launched our first Facebook page to include   extra details.

Our rates start at $40 per hour but we guarantee you money and time saving tips that will make anyone's vacation that much more  fun.Our target clients are those with little time to research Orlando.The type of client that wants their vacation well planned out right down to what they visit and where they eat.We are also designing custom tours to show that there is a whole lot of life and family fun beyond Walt Disney World.  Minimum 6 hours required and rates vary according to your needs.

Transportation available for up to 4 guests and we can meet you at your Orlando-Kissimmee area hotel. Tours can start as early as 8 AM
Extra Guests:  not impossible but a second guide may be needed for up to 8  guests.

Discretion and Privacy : we have had  such clients. They want to visit  the parks and not be hounded by the  paparazzi or  curious tourists. We know all the tricks  of how to get around and not have anyone bother you or your family.

Bilingual English and French Speaking Tour Guides available 

Custom Tours Include:
Walt Disney World and it's four parks
The Best Natural  Beaches near Orlando

Secret Corners   of Orlando ( including museums, neighborhoods and much more)

The Best Shopping and Deals ( including half price Disney Memorabilia )
Guided Walking tour of Celebration ,Florida and enjoy a quiet  meal.

Contact us for pricing:
Tel: 407 610 3911 and leave a message


We tend to reply within 24 hours but Subject to Availability

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