Oakley Family Life near Walt Disney World, Florida

Here's a tribute to our magical moments  living near Walt Disney World. Things to see and do that will not cost you a fortune.Affordable family fun while vising Orlando's many theme parks.Our family moved here in 1996. We were visiting since 1988 and loved every moment. By 1995 my wife said we visit Orlando so often why not just move there? I got a real nice job and the rest was history.

This website is a tribute to our great adventures in the shadows of the Happiest Place on Earth. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA

Let's start with who are we?

I'm Allan Oakley. You can find plenty  of information about me if you Google Allan N. Oakley
I've been working online since 1995 when almost everyone asked " What's the Internet ? "

I documented a lot of lour life  on this Google  webpage:
Click Here   to see one of our earliest adventures here in the Orlando area.
For the most part is is private for the family but it does reveal a lot about us as a family


Hotel Jacaranda in Avon Park,Florida

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and try to experience old Florida?

The Jacaranda Hotel
19 East Main Street Avon Park, FL

2017 ( Update ) 

Avon Park actually has an old style park down the center of the main street.
Almost feels like you've gone back in time.Avon Park is a city in Highlands CountyFlorida, United States. As of the 2010 census the population was 8,836 and in 2015 the estimated population was 10,086.It is the oldest city in Highlands County, and was named after Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

A short drive south of Walt Disney World but like no other  part of Florida you've ever visited

Included  in this central park  is an old style gazebo
You just never know what  event or concert will be held here.

Once the location of a gigantic jacaranda tree
Nestled in a quiet corner of Florida’s Heartland, The Hotel Jacaranda is the picture of Southern repose. Built in the 1920s and listed on the National Historic Register, Avon Park’s “gracious lady” boasts high ceilin…

Shirley Jones visits Avon Park

Life Beyond the Partridge Family
There is actual life outside of Disney and once in a while it takes on a whole new level of expectation.
Sometimes a great show is missed because it hardly ever garners attention from the Orlando market. The South Florida Community College puts on world class shows and they are less then 45 minutes south of here.
Typical example :

We visited the Night Shirley Jones came to town.

Historic theatre in a historic town. How many of us have ever been there?
This show sells for half what you would pay for it in Orlando.
Well we did it. The drive to Avon Park took an hour and it is not like anywhere else we’ve seen in Florida. The concert hall was spectacular. A pleasant surprise as we were the second show in this brand new concert hall. The restored Performing and Arts centre cost $12 million dollars. For such a private college this was no small accomplishment. Phenomenal acoustics, brand new padded seats and at least 25 opera s…

Soaring at EPCOT / May 2005

May 5th,2005
As with everything Disney the launch of Soaring at EPCOT was a spectacular event.
Celebrities, food and world class entertainment.The theme was named Taste of California. Whether it was Canada's Bare Naked ladies, actor Patrick Warburton's comedy introductions or any of dozen of celebrity impersonators the night was magical. 3500 VIP guests and 3000 of the worlds media. This event was a show stopper.

Rainforest Café at the Animal Kingdom

Rainforest Café at the Disney Animal Kingdom is one of those quirky restaurants hidden away just outside the AK gates. Yes, when you drive up the gatekeeper asks you for a $10 parking charge but tell him you plan to go to the restaurant and he may very well just let you in. Not to worry if you have to pay as the rainforest café will give you that $10 off your meal upon proof of parking receipt. Once inside the place is an eclectic arrangement of strange tables, gigantic aquariums and the most unusual bar that has to seat almost a hundred people. With the sounds of wild animals, rain forest storms with lightning and thunder and even the occasional light rain this place is worth seeing. . If for nothing else just a couple of exotic drinks and an appetizer or two. This is a must see restaurant with something for everyone in the family.

Don’t underestimate the gift shop for an hour of real fun and laughter. All sorts of weird gifts and rib tickling toys. Hippie clothing to safari wear. Hat…

Celebration, Florida ( Disney inspired downtown )


When staying in Central Florida don’t forget to visit the quaint downtown streets of Celebration. Celebration is a Disney inspired town with  several thousand homes located east of I-4 off of Highway 192.It is well marked an easily found. Although not formally connected to Walt Disney World it might as well be. This town in magical and you can understand why Walt Disney's brother insisted that their company sponsor something of a tribute to his brother inspirations of life in America.You really feel safe here and the town itself is like a small American village the way you'd always hope it could be.
For those of you who have not heard of Celebration, the town was originally designed by Walt Disney and his family.There are all sorts of quirky by-laws that include that every private home has a front porch and you can never see the driveway from the street. The downtown boasts many good places to eat, drink and to satisfy your sweet tooth. One of our favorite features o…

Affordable Tour Guides for guests visiting Orlando many parks and area attractions ?

Can-Am VIP Orlando Tour Guide Services
Allan N. Oakley
Kissimmee, Florida

Is it possible to visit Orlando ,Florida and not  need a second  vacation to relax afterwards?

Yes, it is possible but you have to be cautious.I read about how some tour operators offered the most incredible offers and inexpensive tours but they turned out to be fronts for timeshare tours. That has always disturbed me as this has been happening since we first visited here in the late 1980's.All that is changed is their is more of it going on today.

A friend and I decided to build on our years of travel related experiences and created Can-Am VIP Orlando, Florida Tour Guide Services

One on one tour  guides services that can save you time and loads of  money trying to figure it all out.
We launched our first Facebook page to include   extra details.

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