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Rainforest Café at the Animal Kingdom

Rainforest Café at the Disney Animal Kingdom is one of those quirky restaurants hidden away just outside the AK gates. Yes, when you drive up the gatekeeper asks you for a $10 parking charge but tell him you plan to go to the restaurant and he may very well just let you in. Not to worry if you have to pay as the rainforest café will give you that $10 off your meal upon proof of parking receipt. Once inside the place is an eclectic arrangement of strange tables, gigantic aquariums and the most unusual bar that has to seat almost a hundred people. With the sounds of wild animals, rain forest storms with lightning and thunder and even the occasional light rain this place is worth seeing. . If for nothing else just a couple of exotic drinks and an appetizer or two. This is a must see restaurant with something for everyone in the family.

Don’t underestimate the gift shop for an hour of real fun and laughter. All sorts of weird gifts and rib tickling toys. Hippie clothing to safari wear. Hat…