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Oakley Family Life near Walt Disney World, Florida

Here's a tribute to our magical moments  living near Walt Disney World. Things to see and do that will not cost you a fortune.Affordable family fun while vising Orlando's many theme parks.Our family moved here in 1996. We were visiting since 1988 and loved every moment. By 1995 my wife said we visit Orlando so often why not just move there? I got a real nice job and the rest was history.

This website is a tribute to our great adventures in the shadows of the Happiest Place on Earth. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA

Let's start with who are we?

I'm Allan Oakley. You can find plenty  of information about me if you Google Allan N. Oakley
I've been working online since 1995 when almost everyone asked " What's the Internet ? "

I documented a lot of lour life  on this Google  webpage:
Click Here   to see one of our earliest adventures here in the Orlando area.
For the most part is is private for the family but it does reveal a lot about us as a family