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Celebration, Florida ( Disney inspired downtown )


When staying in Central Florida don’t forget to visit the quaint downtown streets of Celebration. Celebration is a Disney inspired town with  several thousand homes located east of I-4 off of Highway 192.It is well marked an easily found. Although not formally connected to Walt Disney World it might as well be. This town in magical and you can understand why Walt Disney's brother insisted that their company sponsor something of a tribute to his brother inspirations of life in America.You really feel safe here and the town itself is like a small American village the way you'd always hope it could be.
For those of you who have not heard of Celebration, the town was originally designed by Walt Disney and his family.There are all sorts of quirky by-laws that include that every private home has a front porch and you can never see the driveway from the street. The downtown boasts many good places to eat, drink and to satisfy your sweet tooth. One of our favorite features o…